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A COVID-19 Update

Dear Restore Counseling Families,|  As concerns about the spread of the coronavirus COVID-19 increase and we all navigate the impossible choices regarding our children's schooling I wanted to reach out in a newsletter format and put some resources in your hands to help you.  How to Help Your Child Adapt to Wearing A Mask:  Explain Why - use easy-to-understand language and positive phrasing   for example, "Many people are sick right now. Wearing a Mask will protect you from germs." Integrate masks into your favorite pretend play schemes. Also put masks on your child's favorite stuffed animal.  Get Creative with your child and decorate a mask or choose a favorite or familiar character cloth to help your child show interest in the mask.  Lastly, take a mask wearing family photo. And swap it with your child's friends families wearing masks to help them understand that everyone is going to be wearing masks and that we are all in this together.  Taking care of one another: We are all in this together. We are still working in office but do have a few protocols in place. They are as follows:  The Lobby remains closed at this time. Only clients will be allowed into the clinic.  All of our therapists are providing telemedicine services at your request.  Mask wearing is your preference. We do require that you wash or sanitize your hands prior to session.  We kindly ask that if anyone in your household has COVID-19 symptoms even if you think it's allergies that you change your session to a telemedicine for that week.  Remember our children are adjusting to so many different changes right now. Make sure to let us know what they are feeling anxious about or if you have concerns about their adjustments at this time. We have some special games and tools we are using in our play therapy sessions currently to help with the current changes and cultural needs. If you need assistance please do not hesitate to call us at 405-812-0197. 

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